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We Come Up with Efficient Processes for Businesses

Established in 2009, Ayelow is focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses around the world. Led by a strong management team, Ayelow offers many services that will aid local and International businesses in a manner that goes way beyond that of its competitors.


Ayelow  focuses on start-up and mid-sized corporations. Small and mid-sized businesses make up a sizable majority of U.S. and International markets. We prefer to establish a long-term relationship with these businesses so that we can continue to nurture that relationship for a substantial period of time. In doing so we will enhance the communities they are in thus positioning Ayelow for exceptional growth.


Ayelow currently manages the growth of several wholly-owned or partially owned companies operating within the Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Trade & Agriculture, Mining & Minerals and Renewable Energy Industries. The companies are diversified and pay close attention to key elements of community growth, development and sustainability.



AKF Headshot_edited.jpg

A-K Francis

Group Chief Executive Officer

SC Headshot.jpg

S Crichlow

President of Operations

EB Headshot_edited_edited_edited_edited_

E A Brown

Group Chief Operations Officer

H headshot_edited_edited.jpg

K Wong

Director of Business Development

oo headshot_edited.jpg

O Okafor

Development Partner

(Royal Energy Park)

PO Headshot_edited.jpg

P Ojumu

Technical Partner

(Civil Engineering)

PH Headshot_edited.jpg

P Hall

Technical Partner

(Renewable Energy)

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you with Growth Strategies services. Any organization can develop with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving business environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.  At Ayelow, we strive to exceed the expectations of everything we do.  We believe in doing business in an open and transparent manner, which is underpinned with respect and good communication.  

Achieve Your Goals

With years of experience, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. At, we combine our insights on how to transform your projects, processes, strategies, and in turn your company. Ayelow  is focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses and organizations all across the Globe. Led by a strong management team, Ayelow offers many services that will aid local and International businesses in a manner that goes way beyond that of its competitors..... We’re proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their business.

Grow Your Business

If you are seeking a partnership that will work closely with you to find and offer excellent solutions for your business or project, Ayelow has the tools to deliver outcomes that respect your vision, whilst supporting you in the areas that need that extra bit of help.....We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions, and build rich brand experiences

We look forward to speaking with you, and developing a long-term, positive relationship.....

Work with Experts


Ayelow provides services that enhance the quality of businesses throughout the United States and International Countries. We focus on the CORE of the company and build outwards to ensure that every area has been assessed and reformed to meet the needs of each department.


Once we have generated a plan of action for each company our well-trained consultants then begin the process of engaging the business owner in a series of tasks that will place the company in a “Viable Stage”.  By restructuring the company, the key elements that attracted Consumers or Clients originally are highlighted either by a new marketing strategy or by changing the way a Client represents itself both physically and technically.


We believe that every detail counts and sometimes you do not have a second chance at making a first impression and for that purpose we created what we call the “ RCR ”Phase. The RCR phase is the portion of the program that takes place after we have assessed the company. This phase allows us to reinvent, be creative and reintroduce the Company in a more appealing way.



“After leaving my position as a corporate CEO, I needed a fresh start. Ayelow helped me discern my options and choose my next step to start my new venture. Always open and receptive to my ideas and values, provided me with complementary solutions.”

— Donovan Charles, CEO

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